The aim of my concerts and lectures is to make people feel that we, as Europeans, share the same popular tradition and folklore. I have been playing, accompanying myself on guitar, and singing traditional ballads of medieval origin, for more than 35 years. Besides being a musician I used to be a high school teacher but since 2007 I am just a musician.
Since 1980 I have performed in more than 1800 concerts in Italy and abroad playing, singing, and promoting old-time ballads from Europe and America with a particular attention to British ballads.

Several concerts in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Eritrea, Canada and the United States. I have recorded three CDs : “Old Time Ballads From Europe” “Old Time Ballads From The British Isles” and “Old Time Ballads From France, Italy And Spain, all of them recorded with the world famous fiddler Maurizio Dehò and other musicians. An Mp3 CD with 81 ballads goes with my book “European Ballads between Boccaccio and Bob Dylan” published in 2014 and also available in E-Book format.